W2Whosting began as a hosting solution for home-based women business owners, if you are wondering what the W2W stands for it is Woman2Woman, as this company was branched from MyWoman2WomanNetwork, LLC in 2002. Now W2Whosting caters to a very diverse group including professionals, hobbyist, community outreach groups, doctors, lawyers, artists and even men!

Although the client base has grown, the vision has remained the same, to strive to be number one in customer service, and that is where W2Whosting continues to succeed. You deserve a hosting package that is as unique as your business. W2Whosting will listen to your needs and suit you with the package that is right for you.

Lori: Lori is the host with the most! She will keep your site safe and sound and understands your concerns as she herself has operated an online business longer than most have been able to log on!

Julie: Julie's expertise with designing beautiful and functional layouts is unsurpassed. She can create the perfect look for your business and integrate it into a fast loading and professional web site design.

Sharon: Sharon's many years of programming and maintenance ensures you will be in good hands. Sharon will make sure your site is up and running in no time, and will take your business from an idea to a function e-commerce business. She will continue to work with you on any updates and additions you need along the way. Sharon also prints our custom business cards, letterhead and brochures!

Jessica: Jessica Galbreth offers her best selling fantasy art for use as a logo for your business! Let Julie integrate her image into your site design, and then Jessica will offer you that image saved to disk for use with your advertising, literature and more! Sharon can help you further by printing this image on business cards, brochures, letterhead and more!